Service and maintenance

According to present-day regulations regular maintenance and service work has to be carried out and minuted in the field of laboratory and doors.

Laboratory: fume hoods service

The Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety FCOS have issued regulations according to which an annual maintenance of laboratory fume hoods has to be carried out, as per directive no. 1871.

These controls comprise:

  • safety control of fume hood windows

  • mechanical system control / guide rollers

  • front sash function control (suspension, safety device, ropes and free movement)

After completion of controls a test protocol will be issued. If any deficiencies become apparent, they will be discussed with the person in charge. Thereafter the defects will be corrected. If certain parts have to be replaced, we will carry this out reliably.

Door maintenance

The statutory regulations require an annual control of escape and fire doors. Therefore, we recommend you to have regular maintenance carried out.


We offer you annual maintenance as per check list of the generally applicable regulations for doors, specifically upkeep, maintenance and service.


This service comprises the control for an accurate process as per the special demands and the appropriate maintenance so that the doors will function according to the rules. After having carried out control, you will receive a respective test protocol. Should certain parts be defective, we will provide the materials needed and replace them.

We would be pleased to offer you our services. Contact us with your questions and wishes regarding the desired maintenance or service.