Sanitary installations

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  • Sanitary installations, especially for laboratory conversions

  • Specialised in conversions during ongoing operations in production and laboratory buildings

  • Installation of media columns

  • Installation of fume hoods with media

  • Installation of laboratory sinks, entire media

  • Installation of gas cylinder cabinets

  • Sanitary and gas installations, including media and energy supply within laboratories, research rooms and school laboratories

  • Installation of system front panels and assembly elements for sanitary facilities

  • Delivery and assembly of high-performance fittings for the industry, research and science, fittings for water, natural and liquid gas, compressed air, technical gases up to purity 4.5, pure gases up to purity 6.0 and vacuum, made of various materials (brass, stainless steel, polypropylene, etc.). Fittings incl. additional equipment, such as pressure reducers, fine adjustment valves, etc. can be supplied in a wide variety of attachments depending on the system.

  • Ultrapure water, pure gas and vacuum systems technical gases up to purity 4.5, pure gases up to purity 6.0

  • Safety equipment for gases. Pipe rupture safety devices, check valves or solenoid valves

  • Safety equipment for water. Water detection sensors with self-locking valves, check valves

  • Safety equipment for laboratories. Eyewash station, face showers, laboratory safety showers, industrial safety showers

  • Supply and disposal lines for industrial and chemical areas: water, waste water, compressed air, inert gases

  • Delivery and assembly of water treatment systems, physical processes (e.g. filters or sieves), chemical processes (e.g. disinfection)

  • Delivery and assembly of drainage systems. Lifting systems for normal waste water and aggressive media for industrial and chemical sectors