Partition wall systems

Nowadays partition walls are more than just privacy protection – they are used in interior designing, organization of space and creation of private areas.

There is an immense variety: from simple, economic space-structuring for offices, schools and workshops to effective designing of living areas and exhibition rooms or exclusive versions for the executive floor and much more.


Displaceable partition walls are suitable for almost any room and purpose. The large variety of different systems, easily combinable, is tremendous. Serving as glass partitions, partition walls made of metal, wood or plasterboard, they can all be optimally combined with many other materials, for every purpose. In our system you will find the perfect partition wall for each idea.


The system partition walls can also be complemented or converted. Doors can be displaced, demounted or subsequently mounted at any time. If requested, solid walls can subsequently be complemented by glass elements, glass walls can be replaced by wall element units. The area of use ranges from the usual partition walls to glass partitions, space division, classical or sliding partitions to sanitary partition walls or shower partitions.


As we use highly diverse materials, ensuring safety as well as sound and fire protection, the optical design can be kept at the highest level, despite high standards. We do not just sell these specific products but we are glad to assist you in an advisory capacity, on a high level of expertise.

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