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Extendable, modifiable, unique

Laboratory workbenches serve as worktops and utility space in industrial laboratories or educational facilities, in research or quality management. Every laboratory bench is unique due to its variant media fixture, table surface, base cabinets and filing systems. Separating media supply and furnishings ensures that laboratory benches are effortlessly modifiable, expandable and adaptable. This way your laboratory staff will always be provided with the ideal workplace.


We can offer you laboratory wall, double and central benches as well as a wide range of desks.


The energy cell is the down-to-earth media connection. It provides two-sided fittings and clean gas fixtures for various media, takes up conduits with electric sockets, automatic cutouts, emergency off switches, runs the supply and disposal lines of the different media and can be fitted with various filing systems. The combination of side tables and trolleys, base cabinets and table tops results in installing laboratory wall benches or double benches in different versions. The system stands of the energy cell are adjustable in height so that hanging cabinets can be attached.


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