Our name is our promise

Interior completion, with all its different types of work and products, complements laboratory construction. It is our goal for you to have a competent contact person from our company for your building project in all carpentry matters. In this way, we offer you all carpentry work, interior completion and/or laboratory construction from a single source. This simplifies cooperation and communication, reduces interfaces and ultimately saves costs. In our modern workshop, equipped with CNC machines, qualified experts plan and produce your projects. Thereby, traditional craftsmanship merges with modern production techniques.

Interior completion in all its variations by Innlab AG

Kitchens, bathroom furniture, cabinets, wall cladding, sills, balustrade cladding, curtain boards, etc.

In addition to classic wood materials, we also process solid surface materials such as Varicor. We supply natural stone or CNS covering, install lighting in your kitchen or glass cabinet or organise sound-absorbing elements for your office area. This is just a small glimpse of the wide-ranging options we can offer you.

Cabinets: It’s the diversity that makes the difference.

Depending on the space conditions, the materials to be stowed away, the location or other requirements, a cabinet has to be specially built. As a classic double-door cabinet, as a sliding-door cabinet (also flush-fronted), as a walk-in cabinet, with drawers, shelves, clothes rail, etc. Solid, veneered, coated, lacquered, oiled – there is a wide variety of designs.


Nowadays, doors are multifunctional elements that have to meet many requirements (fire protection EI30, sound protection, burglary protection, insulation, access control, exit routes).


We offer you the ideal solution for each of these requirements, from simple internal doors, fire protection doors EI30, sliding doors, sound-insulating and X-ray doors, burglary protection/WK doors, steel frames, wooden frames to front doors. There are no limits to the realisation of your wishes.

Fire protection

Various fire protection requirements have to be met inside the building. Depending on the requirement, we offer fire protection doors EI30/ EI60, partition walls EI30/EI60 with glazing, riser zone cladding EI30 nbb. All the elements are tested, with a certificate and VKF approval.


Would you like to design and furnish a room individually? We are glad to help you. We plan, develop and produce your reception desk, sideboard, table, multimedia furniture, office furnishings.

New construction/ renovation

We are active in new construction as well as in refurbishments and renovations. Repairs of all kinds are carried out professionally by our carpenters. We are on the road with our assembly and service vehicles in the entire region and throughout Switzerland.